Giant Snow Globe MAXI 10 ft Easy Access

Walk in Snow Globe
Walk in Snow Globe

The SUPER - our 10 foot Easy Access Globe is magic for indoor events and has a special accessible door*. The porch and wide opening make this globe a doddle to get in and out of - perfect for those in formal dress and easier for those who may need extra help.

Up to six people can share the magic at once, so it's perfect for groups and families.

For the best photo experience, the MAXI GLOBE is suitable for up to 4 - 6 persons.

This globe uses 3 fans and has a fun magical snow effect that everyone will love

The footprint of the globe is width 10 ft height 10.5 ft depth 15 ft (accommodating the fans and porch)

Including our computer and printing equipment we will require 3 plug sockets

*Please note:  The globe is suitable for persons with disabilities but as it is an inflatable globe it is not a solid surface and therefore not suitable for wheelchairs unless carried in.

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