Frequently Asked Questions


From an event organiser:

Q How much does it cost to book a 4life photographer for an event?

A Nothing. We make our money based upon photo sales so providing your event meets our commercial requirements then there is no up front fee.

Q What about weddings or a private portraiture shoot?

A We require a minimum deposit of 25% of the agreed final sum as a deposit for a wedding. For private portraiture shoots we require a minimum £100 fee, which includes four 8×6 inch prints. Extra prints can also be ordered.

Q How much do prints cost at the event?

A Typically 12x8in prints are £15 and 8x6in prints are £10. Special offers may be available at larger events for multiple purchases. Request a print price list for all other sizes using our Contact page.

Q Is it possible to arrange a fee up front so that guests receive a ‘free’ photo from the event?

A Yes. Discounts are available for pre paid prints when the order is in excess of 125 images

Q Do I need to supply anything?

A Possibly a table and 2 chairs but we liaise before the event - plus a large enough area to set up our equipment will be necessary

Q What about power?

A For indoor events we will use the mains power and have our own circuit breakers. For outdoor events we shall run extension leads from power supplies if available, otherwise we can provide our own generators.

From a customer:

Q Can I pay for prints with a credit or debit card?

A Yes we have a secure credit and debit facility.

Q Do you accept cheques?

A Yes. Please make them payable to 4life Photography and post to our office detailed on our contacts page

Q Is it possible to buy the prints later online?

A Yes by expressing your interest on the night we can send out a contact sheet of your images to choose and order later. However the prints are best value on the night and there is an additional P&P charge for online orders.

Q How do I buy them online?

A Only by requesting a contact sheet on the night can you make orders at a later date. We believe that this offers a more personal service than simply logging onto the entire catalogue of images for an event.

Q Can you edit my pictures in post production software?

A Yes. For event photography you can contact the office to discuss your requirements and an extra hourly rate fee will be applied for subsequent work. For weddings and private portraiture shoots, the post production of all images is included in the price agreed.

For any other enquiries please use our Contact page